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Humanist funerals :


Funeral ceremonies without religion.

A Humanist ceremony is a non-religious ceremony which is dignified and meaningful. It is designed to be both a celebration of the life of the deceased as well as a marking the sadness of the loss, in a dignified and personalised manner. 


I have a passion for people and life. In writing and performing a Humanist Funeral Ceremony I bring together the life story of the deceased with a blending of compassion and empathy for the loved ones who are arranging the funeral. 

A Humanist Ceremony is designed to reflect the real character of the person who has died without religion being a part of the ceremony. 


More than that, I also encourage anyone to sit with me to plan ahead so that you can plan , write , create your own funeral ceremony in that your family know exactly what you would like to have when the time comes.

Please feel free to call me on 0402 31 75 31 to chat about how I may assist you to pre-plan your funeral ceremony in advance to be kept on file until needed.


That way you can help write your life story and select your music, readings, photos and other ceremony content just as you would like it to be. 

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