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The following is a summary of the main legal requirements to be met for your marriage to be legal. However this is only a summary and you will need to confirm your own legal situation to ensure that all requirements are met. This is something I will discuss with you personally.

Notice of Intended Marriage

You need to complete a Notice Of Intended Marriage giving at least one month and one days notice prior to the date you wish to be married.


Marriage Age Requirements:

Both persons intending to marry must be over the age of 18. If one party is between 16 and 18 years old you are required to obtain: parents' consent on the required form and a court order under Section 12 of the Marriage Act.


Witness Requirements

The law requires that two witnesses, aged 18 years and over, must be present at the marriage. Any person can act as a witness even your parents. The Celebrant, however, cannot act as a witness.


Legal Documents Required

Under the Marriage Act the following documents must be produced before the marriage can take place:

•   A birth certificate for each person (an extract or full copy) If you were born in Australia you MUST produce a birth certificate. If born outside Australia - a current passport.


•   Photo I.D : Each person must submit a legally recognised form of photo I.D , such as a Passport or Drivers Licence.


•   If previously married - a divorce-decree absolute is required or with the death of previous husband or wife - a death certificate.


.   If either party have changed their name, the official 'change of name' document must be produced. All certificates MUST be original. Photo-copied or certified copies are not acceptable.


.   All documents need to be in English or have an official translation of the document into English. 

Legal Requirements

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